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Monday, April 26, 2010

SuperLame is Super Awesome

No meaty post this week (still busy with the house), but I thought I'd throw up a link for you guys to play with. hosts a web app that lets you add speech/thought bubbles to your images. It's fast and super easy to use, and lets you fully control the size and position of your bubble (even extending beyond the photo). I believe they have a facebook app, too, although I haven't played with it yet. I may have to set that up, because those are the types of photos that will get the SuperLame treatment most often. Earth shattering? No. Fun to play with? You bet. Happy Monday :)

Thanks to Aaron Mahler over at TWIP for the link.

edit: I did a little digging into the facebook app. Turns out that it's pretty lame (pun intended). As far as I can tell, you still have to upload a photo from your computer (rather than having it interface with your facebook photos). It will let you save your finished photo directly to facebook, which is good.


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  1. I'm having way too much fun w/ that site. Thanks!

  2. @ Adam - haha, good. I figured there would be plenty of shenanigans possible with this thing. Haven't had much of a chance to play with it personally, but it's on my list.