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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stealthy phone cameras

As you can tell from the blog here, I've been having a lot of fun with my phone's camera. At first I was just looking for interesting compositions, but lately I've shifted over to more of a street photography approach. The great thing about using my phone to take photos is that everyone assumes I'm tweeting (see above), so I can get true candids of people nearby. Here are a few I've taken recently:



Sidewalk Strangers

A few tips: turn off the "camera" sound (I do that anyway, nothing I hate more than a fake shutter), make sure you can tap the screen to take a photo, pre-focus if possible to help with shutter lag, and practice your timing (there's a huge shutter lag on my phone and it's not always consistent, but I'm getting the hang of it).


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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wedding'd Out

Saralyn and Tom
© Simon Hucko 2011. Please do not use without permission

This past weekend marked the 4th wedding that I've attended in the last 8 weeks. Between the weddings, bachelor parties, bridal showers, and the various holidays and family occasions, I've basically been busy every weekend from early February until today. Not that I'm complaining, mind you - it's been a fun year so far and I had a chance to reconnect with some friends that I haven't spent much time with since high school. It does, however, provide somewhat of an excuse for why I've been neglecting the blog here, and why I've been lucky to post 1 photo per week to Flickr. Now that I'm done with weddings for the year, I should have more time to shoot and blog about it.

Mr. and Mrs. Mendick
© Simon Hucko 2011. Please do not use without permission

A side effect of attending so many weddings and completely missing spring waterfall season is that my photographic interests are starting to shift. I will always have a place in my heart for gorges and streams, but I'm finding myself driven more and more toward photographing people. I've always enjoyed documentary candids of friends and family, and hanging out with them at 4 weddings gave me a lot of opportunity to take those kinds of photos. I'm starting to get an itch to do some street photography, and while I haven't quite worked up the courage to walk up to a stranger and stick a camera to my face I'm starting to "practice" without my camera. I'm also getting sucked in to portrait photography, something I used to have no interest in whatsoever, and even agreed to shoot my wife's cousin's senior photos. Expect to see some changes in the type of work I post here.

Kiss the Bride
© Simon Hucko 2011. Please do not use without permission

I'm not sure what my point is (or if I even really have one), just thought I'd give you all an update on how things were going. For those of you in the US and Canada, how was your long weekend? Any good fireworks photos or party candids you care to share?


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