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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Stealthy phone cameras

As you can tell from the blog here, I've been having a lot of fun with my phone's camera. At first I was just looking for interesting compositions, but lately I've shifted over to more of a street photography approach. The great thing about using my phone to take photos is that everyone assumes I'm tweeting (see above), so I can get true candids of people nearby. Here are a few I've taken recently:



Sidewalk Strangers

A few tips: turn off the "camera" sound (I do that anyway, nothing I hate more than a fake shutter), make sure you can tap the screen to take a photo, pre-focus if possible to help with shutter lag, and practice your timing (there's a huge shutter lag on my phone and it's not always consistent, but I'm getting the hang of it).


~S [title of blog] on flickr


  1. The best is when you take a photo of someone and you get so into it that they ask you what game you're playing.

  2. haha, haven't had that happen yet...

  3. Nice! I can't wait to have a phone with a good camera.

    Out of this set, I particularly like the composition of the girl with the chairs.