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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tips from Chris

© 2009 Chris Marquardt

Today's photo link is to Chris Marquardt. Chris is a photographer form Germany, and does a lot of teaching (podcasts, blogging, leading workshops, etc). In fact, he just got back from leading a photo trek to Everest base camp (website here). I really enjoy his podcasts - they're less about gear and news and more dedicated to photographic technique. You can follow Chris in several ways:
Tips From the Top Floor (TFTTF) podcast
Daily Photo Tips with Chris podcast
On Twitter @chrismarquardt

I definitely recommend subscribing to his two podcasts. I also recommend going back through some of the Everest stuff - pretty cool to see all the work that goes into a trip like that. Photos from the participants are on flickr.

As Chris would say, happy shooting!


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