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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

52 weeks: Weekly Assignments

I've been thinking about what I wrote in the wrapup this week, and decided that I'll try giving out weekly assignments. These are optional, but if you're looking for some inspiration it'll help get your creative juices flowing. I'll post the next week's assignment in my weekly wrapup, as a discussion thread in the flickr group, and as part of the group name.

You can handle these assignments in two ways. They're great for a photo walk, especially if you're walking somewhere you've been before - it gives you something to focus on rather than wandering aimlessly, and can help you see interesting images that you may not have considered before. You can also use them as a little muse in the back of your mind during the week, and whenever you see a good example of it pull out whatever camera you have with you and capture the image.

This week's assignment is one of my favorites: doors. Find an interesting door and share it with us! This is a good way to work on perspective, too - try to center your camera with the door and hold everything level and perpendicular to get nice straight lines (maybe even break out the tripod). Or don't, if that's not your thing.

Go shoot!


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