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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vault Photography

Huge thanks to Matt Beaty for picking me for the comment of the month contest he's running on his blog (Vault Photography Blog).

Matt is working his way through photo school at Northern Arizona University, and talks a lot on his blog about his experience as a photo student, along with his other photographic endeavors. He takes some excellent portraits, and shares his experiments on the blog (including what didn't work, which can be more worthwhile than what did sometimes). I enjoy his somewhat irreverent view on photo school and photography in general, and always like seeing a new post pop up in the reader. Please head over and give it a read, and consider adding it to your RSS reader too.

Matt also asked me to write a guest post for him some time, and I'm hoping he'll trade with me one week so that I can host him here.

You can find Matt in the following places:

Vault Photography Blog
Twitter (give him a follow)
Vault Photography

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