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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Perseid Meteor Shower

If you're interested in shooting some stars (or in some shooting stars), my dad left a nice bit of info in the comments from this week's wrapup:

"For all of you "star shooters" out there, tonight is the peak night for the annual Perseid meteor shower, one of the greatest shows in the night sky. As the earth travels through the debris trail of comet 109P Swift/Tuttle, you might see 60 to 75 meteor streaks per hour.

If you want to witness this magnificent spectacle, go out after midnight and find a dark hilltop. Face the north east (use that compass you keep in your photo bag) and watch the show. If you want to find the peak time to watch in your area, check out the Fluximator, an interactive tool that calculates the number of meteors you could expect to see at your location and when the best viewing will be. Check it out here

This year's display will be above average, due to more debris in the sky and the fact that the new moon will set early tonight-leaving the sky dark.

Go out and check out the show and shoot some star and meteor trails. Of course if it's cloudy, then go to bed."

Unfortunately it looks like rain all night here, so I won't be able to partake, but if your forecast is more favorable I suggest checking it out. Thanks again for the tip!


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