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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Schedule your uploads

If you're a photographer and you're not on flickr by now, well, you should be. Flickr is a great photo hosting site with a lot of nice features, including the ability to edit when your photo was uploaded so you can sequence them properly. Unfortunately, flickr doesn't allow you to set a future date for your upload, so you can't schedule your photo posts ahead of time. I'm not sure why, but they don't. This feature is also absent from all of the flickr uploading software/plugins that people use.

Enter, a project my friend Matt Mendick has been working on that was just opened up for public beta. Loadlater is a simple web upload interface that allows you to fill out all the photo information (including which sets and groups you want it added to) and then schedule a time for it to post to flickr.

Why would you want to schedule your uploads for later? The best use in my mind is to space out your photos so that people don't get overwhelmed. Rather than uploading all 50 photos from your most recent vacation at once, you can set them to upload in smaller batches (1-5ish is most effective) every day. That way people are more likely to look at them all, rather than glancing at the first few and then giving up. This is also good if you upload daily (like me) and are going out of town, you can set your uploads for while you're gone. Or even if you're not going anywhere, you can schedule the whole set after you finish editing so that you don't forget to upload one day (which I tend to do from time to time).

If that sounds like something you might be interested in, give it a shot and send any questions/comments/feedback to Matt using the contact link on the site. If you like it, let him know - this is something he's working on in his free time.


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