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Monday, February 15, 2010

52 weeks: Week 6 wrapup

Wintery Window
© 2010 Simon Hucko

Another week has passed. Seems like our numbers are dwindling a little - I'm hoping it's just a lack of inspiration and that things will pick up again soon. It's hard to hit a slump in your photography where you just don't feel inspired. This is a good time to try something different (see my post from last week for a few suggestions).

My photo this week was taken off our back porch. I went for a walk around town, but ended up liking this shot the best of anything I got. My point here is that you don't have to go far to find an image, you just have to learn to look at your surroundings with a creative eye. The 16x9 crop is something I've been playing with lately. I've been experimenting with different aspect ratios in the past month or two (square, 16x9, 4x5, etc), and am starting to get a feel for how each one affects an image. I haven't quite gotten to the point of visualizing the format before I take a photo (with rare exception), but I'm working on it.

On to why you're here. This week's winner is djhucko for "Black Cat on White Bed"

Black Cat on White Bed
© 2010 Dan Hucko

I'm digging the symmetry and the great b/w tones. I like the panoramic crop, too, I think it helps put the focus on the symmetry and the lack thereof (ie the cat). Which, by the way, is a great way to pull focus to a subject - have it stand out and contradict the background by breaking a pattern. Nicely done.

That's it for this week. Get out there and get shooting! Don't worry if you've missed a week or two, it's easy to get back on the horse and start submitting again.


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