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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Blue Week, Day 3

Cleared for Takeoff
© 2009 Simon Hucko

Blue week continues! These birds were standing on a submerged log all in a row, making it look like they were taxiing out to the runway for takeoff. Sorry for all the branches and junk in the way, nothing I could do about it.


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  1. Actually I like the branches, they sort of ground the image/give it context, and also push my eye towards the action! (So it's like there's an arrow moving me from left to right, even though technically it LOOKS like the opposite. ... Er, did that make sense??)

  2. @ Kristan - yep, makes sense to me. They're not so bad, but the one hanging down in the middle of the frame is pretty distracting. Ah well. Glad you like it :)