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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Blue Week, Day 2

Blue Trees
© 2009 Simon Hucko

Day 2 of blue week here. Today's image brings me back to some shots I took this summer. I like the silhouetted tree against blue sky effect. The best thing is, this is how the camera exposes for a scene like this, so there's no thinking involved. Colors and contrast boosted a little in post, and some heavy vignette added. My favorite part is probably the highlights coming off the water through the trees at the bottom of the frame.


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  1. Nice shot! The part that really draws me in is the top 2/3 of the image. I think you could probably crop out the tree line and below for a more abstract/artsy feel, but I do like the sparkling water and the leaves as well.

  2. Ditto what Matt said. Also reminds me a bit of the book cover for Her Fearful Symmetry:

  3. @ Matt - I see your point, but I think there are some interesting elements in the bottom (the water, the shadows of the trees) that I wouldn't want to throw away. I guess if I had gotten closer and framed it differently that would work.

    @ Kristan - Yeah, I'm definitely not the first person to do this, but I like the effect. I don't think I have any on Flickr, but I did a whole series of tree silhouettes this spring. I really just like the deep blue sky you get.