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Friday, May 22, 2009

Flickr badge generator

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Yesterday turned into a pretty busy day, so I never had the chance to take pictures. Such is life. So it looks like my "macro week" will be more like "macro 3 days." Honestly, I'm itching to start shooting with my D70 again, so the point n shoot is getting put away. It was a fun experiment, and I think I got some nice shots from it, but I really miss the control and quality that I get with my DSLR. My point n shoot will go back to what it's best for - being a small unobtrusive camera that I can carry with me anywhere and not worry about being "that guy with a camera."

Today's link is to flickr's badge generator. Found this today and have replaced the 3rd party gadget on the blog here with it (see above). I chose to use the html version because of where I wanted it. There is also a flash version that will create a more interactive interface. Either way, you can choose to display your most recent work (what I'm using it for), a specific set, filtered by tags, or a random sampling of your photostream. You can also set it up to display work from the flickr community using various filtering methods. If you have a blog or another website, this is a great way to get your work on display there.


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  1. I like the change you made, the 3rd party one seemed to take a little bit to load, and this one is really quick, possibly because it's the html one, not the flash one. Good find -- if I had an active blog, I'd probably put it on up there.