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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

52 weeks: Week 11 wrapup

Happy St Patrick's Day
© 2010 Simon Hucko

I think that extending the deadline until Sunday evening was the right decision. I'm also going to post a reminder to the group on Thursday or Friday to give you a little nudge before the weekend. If you don't get on flickr that often, you can add the group's discussion feed to your RSS reader (go to the group page and look for the link there). I'll delete the old thread and create a new one every week, so it should update for you.

My photo this week was a little different for me. It's not often that I "create" photos, I usually work with "found" images (even if I choose the right place and time to find them). This was something I threw together last Tuesday night in about an hour. I probably could have improved on it with more time, but it was a fun exercise in lighting and creating a shot. I like doing studio work from time to time because it gives me the chance to pre-visualize an image and do everything I need to create it while taking away all the variables that you get with "real life" situations. I recommend playing with some mini studio work like this sometime. You don't need much - a few desk lamps or work lamps will do the job, just make sure you have a tripod and/or a fast lens to deal with the lower light levels. Printer paper makes an excellent diffuser, and can also serve as a background in a pinch.

Congrats to djhucko for this week's winner "Trout Dreams - 12"

Trout Dreams - 12
© Dan Hucko

I really like the balance between the fish and its shadow. Despite shooting through water, the trout is remarkably clear and sharp. Something about this photo feels very calm and peaceful, and I think it would make a nice print.

Keep up the great work everyone!


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