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Monday, March 15, 2010

52 weeks: Week 10 wrapup

View from the 5th floor
© 2010 Simon Hucko

10 weeks down! Given the amount of photos that trickled in during the day yesterday, I changed my mind on a weekly deadline. The new deadline will be Sunday at 12pm EDT. Wrapup posts will now be up on Tuesday, with my weekly ramblings switched to Monday. Hopefully this will work out better for everyone.

My photo this week is an exercise in dynamic range. It may look a little dark to you here, I suggest viewing it larger to really appreciate all the foreground detail. I did take a bracketed shot, I think this would benefit from that by brightening things up just a touch without losing the detail out the window. I pushed things a little with the RAW, but I couldn't go much farther without it getting noisy. I do like the feeling imparted with this shot, I think it's calming and pretty accurately reflects the experience of being there. This shot would be made better by having a person sitting on the couch, but I didn't have any willing subjects with me. Maybe next time.

Congratulations to irv_b for this week's winner "misery"

© irv_b

Take a few minutes to really look at this photo. From irv_b's description: "...I saw this shot which I hope expresses the divide but common feeling." I think this is exactly what this photo is about. An interesting social commentary, and a very gritty street photo. Great work.

That's it for this week. I hope you all find some time to take a photo or two. Even if you can't get out for a proper photoshoot, carry a small camera around with you (point n shoot, iPhone, whatever) and document something interesting that you see during the day. Not only will this remove any excuses you have about taking photos, it should help you get your creative juices flowing and produce some interesting photos. Looking forward to seeing your submissions.


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  1. Doh, I keep forgetting to submit! Is there a way to set up/send out weekly reminders via Flickr?

  2. @ Kristan - not easily. Flickr won't let you message multiple people, I guess to prevent spam (which is good). I was posting a reminder to the group every week on Thursday or Friday, but I abandoned that because I wasn't sure how much good it did. I can start that up again if you think that would help (you could the group posts to an RSS reader)

  3. @Kristan - I haven't really vetted the service yet (just signed up now) but looks like a pretty minimal and useful email reminder service. I think I'm going to use it to remind me of the same thing.

    Of course, if I don't have any pictures to share, it's useless.... ;)