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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

4x5 at last!

Buttermilk in 4x5
© 2011 Simon Hucko

So, after much talk, planning, gear acquisition, changing bag panic, back strain, missed exposures, a broken tripod and a botched night of developing, I finally have an image to share with you guys from the 4x5. I'm not particularly thrilled with it, but it was the best of the 4 sheets I shot, and I felt like I owed you guys *something* after all the build-up.

Long story short, 4x5 is hard. There are a lot of ways to screw things up, and I managed several of them. But, learning is part of the fun (and the reason I rushed out to shoot a few sheets in less than ideal conditions), and I'm excited to keep trying and get a handle on the process. Once I'm finally competent, the payoff will be amazing. As badly as these shots came out, the level of detail I was able to get in some of the images was stunning. I still have to work out my exposure and development (something I've been struggling with all along this film journey), but once it gets there I expect to make some of my all-time favorite images with this camera.

Unfortunately, I broke my tripod on day 2 of shooting with the beast, so no more photos from it for a while. Double unfortunately, it's prime waterfall season and I'm stuck here without any tripod, so I have to rectify that asap. That seems to be the way of things, though.

Once I have a more solid and reliable workflow in place I'll do a post about the process beginning to end. For now, enjoy my blurry, scratched, low-contrast shot above. Certainly more to come in the future.


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  1. Love it! I dont have the patience to deal with film myself, but I appreciate those people who do.

    Perhaps not having a tripod is part of the challenge, set it on some rocks or something?

    I look forward to seeing more!

  2. @ Matt - haha, I don't think it would work without a tripod. I'll post a photo of it when I do another post about it. A monorail isn't really designed to be set on the ground.

    Good news is that I just "won" a tripod on eBay today, so I should have that sometime in the next week or two. Hopefully this one will hold up a little better...