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Monday, January 18, 2010

52 weeks: Week 2 wrapup

© 2010 Simon Hucko

Week 2 of our 52 weeks project has come to an end. The number of submissions dropped a little, so to all of you who didn't make it this week you'd better submit something extra awesome next week! ;)

My photo this week comes from the gorge at Toughannock falls, just north of Ithaca. The falls themselves are very impressive and worth a trip in, but there were plenty of other interesting photo opps with the creek being frozen over. This was taken at a little drop (no more than 6 inches) where a small patch hadn't completely frozen over. I used a polarizer to cut the glare on the water and to help extend exposure. This was a 4 second exposure at f/22. Black and white conversion was done with a blue filter to darken the rocks even more (they had an orange-red cast to them) and really bring out the ice and foam.

All right, enough about me. This week's winning photo is "shiver" by [Adam_Baker]:
© Adam Baker

The tones, the wonderful composition, and most of all the falling snow all drew me to this photo. It's a beautiful, icy, thorny representation of winter, and is my pick for the week. Nicely done, Adam.

Another photo I feel deserves mention is this untitled shot by JustinZoll (a close second for me and Rachel's favorite this week):

© Justin Zoll

The thing that caught my eye the most was the contrast between the textures in the reflection. I like the rule-of-thirds framing, too. This would make a great piece of wall art - I encourage you to get it printed large (at least 12x18) and hang it somewhere.

That's it for this week. Thanks again for your submissions and for all of the comments going around the group. Don't be afraid to post discussion topics, either; questions, how-to's, and any other information you want to share are more than welcome! Keep those photos coming.


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  1. Thanks Simon, and congrats to Justin on an awesome photo! ...Guess I gotta dig something up for this week now...

  2. WOW, Shiver is STUNNING!!! And Justin's photo is really nice too. At least with less quantity you still got fantastic quality. :)