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Monday, June 6, 2011

Just for Fun #5

Abandoned Fairgrounds

I stopped by the local fair grounds on the way home from work one day and took a quick walk before the rain rolled in. I thought the empty fairgrounds with the threatening clouds overhead made a very dramatic subject, almost like a scene from a horror movie. The fair happens at the end of July, so I'll have to get back over there and shoot. Maybe I'll grab a similar shot so I can do a before/after thing.

Stairway Shadows

I don't think I quite nailed the composition on this one, but I liked all the interacting lines here. It was a pretty sunny day, and I liked the natural vignette to the scene.

Biking Break

I was sitting out enjoying my coffee the other afternoon when two groups of students ran into each other and stopped to chat for a bit. I liked the scene and all the lines leading to the subjects, so I grabbed the shot. Mercifully, my camera exposed for the shade and not the sunlit areas. I think black and white is much more forgiving when it comes to blown highlights, and this photo really has a sense of light to it that probably would have been more harsh and unforgiving in color.

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  1. Totally agree on the fairgrounds shot. It actually reminds me of the setting of one of my own stories, hehe.